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Jeonju Makgeoli story Makgeoli

The best place to meet up with your friends, the Jeonju Makgeoli streets

You don’t need to worry about side dishes and no time is wasted in ordering. Just holler ‘one kettle of Makgeoli!’, and everything is served at once. With another order of Makgeli, a new side dish is served, then again different side dishes with the next. A true luxury for the eyes, the mouth and the tummy

-Cited from the “Tenth Planet”, Korean Travel Authors Association, 2006.

How best to enjoy Jeonju Makgeoli

  • 1Use public transportation, no need to worry about driving under the influence
  • 2Drink makgeli when you’re not too full to fully enjoy the drink and its side dishes
  • 3As you empty your kettle, new side dishes are served, so take the opportunity to enjoy all the different side dishes. When the manager is generous, you will be served with an enormous amount of side dishes. All are welcome!
  • 4The side dishes are all different upon regions, Samcheon-dong, Seosin-dong or Gyeongwon-dong. Be sure to try all the different side dishes in the different regions
  • 5You can mix makgeoli with other alcohols. Varying ratios offer a whole variety of different flavors!

jeonju Makgeoli

Land of Co-existence and Harmony, where insiders and outsiders live together

There should be no distinction of insiders or outsiders, and any distinction vanishes when drinking Makgeoli. Jeonju has long been known for harmony, equality and the coexistence of variety. Bimbap and Makgeli are the symbol of harmony.

Here, outsider means those who only eat the side dishes and don’t drink the Makgeoli, while insiders mean people who only drink the alcohol without tasting the side dishes! You might be sober even after numerous shots or drunk even after having none.

You can be drunk four different ways with Jeonju Makgeoli,

through flavor, side dishes, ambience and low prices!

  • first Drunk on the ambience
  • second Drunk from the extraordinary taste
  • third Drunk from the generous side dishes
  • four Drunk from low cost and generosity!

jeonju Makgeoli

Makgeoli represents the local life and culture of ordinary people

Jeonju Makgeli is cited as one of the three most-known Korean Makgelis, and they are as equally famous as the Jeonju Bibimbap, table d’hote and Kongnamul gukbap of Jeonju. Makgeli will not make you too tipsy, yet can relieve hunger, boost energy and strengthen friendship. It is said Makgeli is very similar to Koreans, as a soul food for them where they can drink with memories and nostalgia of the past.

Well-being alcohol, Makgeoli

  • Makgeli has a low alcohol content yet is actually nutritious, a food for well-being, it could be said. First of all, it is high in protein and has 10 different essential amino acids. A large amount of Vitamin B complex is coupled with large amount of lactobacillus and abundant fiber. Makgeli is a naturally-fermented alcohol, making Koreans say that Makgeli is a food not an alcohol.

Well-being alcohol, Makgeoli